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Stand out by offering a unique activity


Be one of the first 3 professionals to join the ORSA adventure, to whom we offer personalized lifelong follow-up on our products, and a first bike at cost price!

To convince your customers, attract new ones, and stay ahead of the competition, it is necessary to assert your differences.

The Bugg-E is a fun, sporty, environmentally friendly activity that allows its users to experience and share memorable moments.

  • Take advantage of our proximity, we are based in France, Ariège
  • Take advantage of our expertise, we designed and manufactured the Bugg-E
  • Finally, take advantage of our responsiveness when needed, we are human scale company.

We have designed and developed the Bugg-E taking into consideration your needs and constraints.

• Reach a large clientele

Its 4 wheels, its electric assistance, its riding position, and its automatic gears, make it a very easy bike to handle. Women, men, children, seasoned athletes or simple lovers of wide open spaces, everyone will find what they are looking for!


Oparate it all year round

In summer on stony mountain paths and sandy beaches. In winter on snow and mud, thanks to its Fatbike tires, it can be used in all conditions.

Photo du Bugg-E prototype 1 sur un chemin de montagne enneigé
Icone illustrant le fait que la maintenance est facilitée sur le Bugg-E

• Don't waste time with maintenance​

We designed the Bugg-E to be simple to maintain because we know that heavy rental use puts a strain on the equipment. Everything can be dismantled easily, quickly, and with a minimum of tools. In the event of a puncture, thanks to a quick release system, a wheel can be removed in a few seconds. Maintenance tutorials will soon be available on our Youtube channel don’t forget to subscribe!

Stand out

You will have noticed it… it does not go unnoticed! Halfway between the lunar vehicle and the ATV, it intrigues and catches everyone’s eye.

Gros plan sur une paire de jumelles

• Optimized storage and transport

The Bugg-E will take up minimal space with its foldable pedal box and removable seat and wheels in no time. We can also offer you, in partnership with a collaborating company, tailor-made trailers for the transport of several Bugg-Es.

Icone qui illustre l'optimisation pour le stockage et le transport du Bugg-E
Icone présentant un bouclier et un pouce pour illustrer la fiabilité

• Equipped with reliable and recognized components

We are passionate about cycling and therefore have at heart to offer a good product. The reputation of a brand is often forged on its technological advance and its reliability. That’s why we thought it best to equip the Bugg-E with high-end components from well-known brands. No bad surprises..

• Price

It is still difficult to put forward a definitive price. It will depend on the equipment and options chosen. For professionals, a decreasing amount will apply depending on the quantities. Contact us for more information.

• Guarantee

The frame of the Bugg-E will be guaranteed for 5 years in case of damage. But it will also be repairable in our workshop, over a much longer period. The advantage of a steel frame. The standard warranty of the different brands will apply to the equipment.

• Communication

We will offer all Bugg-E operators the opportunity to amplify their communication, by appearing on our ‘Where to Bugg-E?’ page (coming soon) with their contact details and links to sites.

Contact us and let's define a personalized solution together