The all-terrain electric-assisted quadricycle, made in south of France

ORSA Bugg-E, ride out the beaten tracks !


Even easier to use than a classic bike! Underneath its airs of extreme adventurer, it is in fact particularly easy to handle. Its 4 wheels give you a perfect stability. The electric assistance makes it possible to enjoy the landscapes with less effort. Finally, the adjustment of the seat is done in no time to adapt to all morphologies.


Again, the stability provided by the 4 wheels will prevent the majority of falls.

So that it can stop whatever the conditions, we have equipped it with 4 oversize hydraulic disc brakes, among the most powerful on the market.

All terrain / All seasons

With its 4 Fatbike tires, it’s THE solution to go everywhere!

Beach / mountain, snow / sand, mud, pebbles,… Don’t ask yourself any more questions, go on an adventure and enjoy the view.


No more uncomfortable saddles and gear headaches! The adjustable bucket seat ensures optimal comfort, even on the most demanding terrains.

The automatic gear system, allows you to always be in the right gear whatever the terrain and the slope. Just focus on your pleasure.

Photo de presentation du Bugg-E sur un chemin caillouteux de haute montagne
Photo de présentation du Bugg-E de face laissant apparaitre son look baroudeur
Photo de présentation du Bugg-E au bord d'un lac de montagne

Sporting activity providers, Bicycle hirers companies

7 good reasons to add the Bugg-E to your activity catalog

  • Stand out by offering a new, sporty and fun activity
  • Reach a very large customer sample
  • Use it all year round
  • Don’t waste your time with maintenance
  • Simplify your life, it is foldable to optimize transport and storage
  • Rest assured, it is equipped with reliable and recognized components
  • Take advantage of our proximity and responsiveness, this is the advantage of being made in Europe

The project steps

The idea
Looking for innovation

It was over coffee that we came up with this slightly crazy idea: a 4-wheel all-terrain bike, to REALLY go anywhere! After a year of studies, computer drawings, meetings, exchanges, ... we arrived at the precise definition of the project. Then we decided to quit our jobs to devote ourselves 100% to this challenge.

1st Prototype
Photo de présentation du prototype n°1 du Bugg-E
Fabrication / Tune up 1st prototype

Since 2019, this prototype has allowed us to validate a multitude of parameters. We did, undid, welded, cut, filed, reoriented, moved, all to achieve the result we had imagined. A real laboratory test on wheels, priority has been given to functionality. The design, the ergonomics, the style, will arrive on the second prototype.

May 2021
Incubator integration
Logo de la couveuse d'entreprise Altitude de BGE Sud-Ouest
Integration of the "Altitude" incubator

After establishing our business plan with the support of the BGE Ariège organization, we decided to continue the adventure by integrating their "Altitude" business incubator. ORSA-Cycles was born!

2022 / 2023
2nd Prototype
ORSA Bugg-E Final prototype - main features image
Fabrication / Tune up of the 2nd Prototype

Its design is still evolving and will only be unveiled once its manufacture is complete. Prototype No. 2 will reflect the version that will be marketed in 2023. Sophisticated shapes and top-of-the-range equipment, reflecting our know-how. Available for trial from 2023. Don't wait, book a trial!

Our Values

Local production

Frames and seats are entirely developed and manufactured by hand in the ORSA workshop. For the rest, we favor local players.

High Quality products

Robust and durable materials over time. High-end, reliable and innovative equipment.
Well kept finishes.

Minimize environmental impact

By selecting durable, repairable products and preferring local manufacturing on a human scale.


Allowing people with reduced mobility to escape thanks to tailor-made versions, adapted to each one.

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