Presentation of the bike

The Bugg-E, an all terrain recumbent bike to (re) discover the paths from another point of view

Accessible to as many people as possible

Manufacturing, Assembly, Testing, everything is done in our workshop in France South Ouest!

Main features

(photo of the 1st prototype, the final design will be unveiled on the 2nd prototype planned, for 2023)

ORSA Bugg-E Final prototype - main features image


Photo présentant le Bugg-E vu de derrière devant les montagnes

Its 4 wheels, its unique geometry, and its very low center of gravity, make it perfectly stable. No need to have your eyes glued to the ground so as not to fall. Raise your head and enjoy the view!

Photo du Bugg-E vu en contre-plongée

Designed to ride on all terrains, we have equipped it with “Fatbike” tires, rear suspension and electric assistance. Rocks, snow, sand, mud, go everywhere!

photo du Bugg-E en forêt pour illustrer son caractère respectueux de l'environnement

No more saddle and the uncomfortable position of “classic” bikes. Set off to discover nature, comfortably seated in a bucket seat that provides you with good support and ventilation. In addition, the numerous adjustments of the seat and the handlebars make it possible to adapt to all morphologies!

Photo gros plan sur les freins à disque du Bugg-E

Its riding position, much lower than on a mountain bike, allows you to have good sensations, without having to drive fast. Its 4 hydraulic brakes and 200mm discs give it powerful braking in all circumstances. Finally, the stability of the 4 wheels prevents most falls!



Offer an innovative, accessible and environmentally friendly activity. Discover all the advantages of the Bugg-E.

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